Trendy Pup is a dog clothing shop specializing in bringing customers the best products at the best prices.

A Family Owned Business

Ten years ago, if you would’ve told us that one day dogs would be walking around in clothing just like humans, we would’ve laughed at such a funny thought.  With the rise of Instagram, we started to get a glimpse of the fabulous life that some dogs are living in many different parts of the world.  More and more frequently, we started to notice dogs everywhere were looking just as good, if not better than their human counterparts, while dressed in their fashionable outfits.

Eventually it dawned on us that our dog deserves to look just as fabulous as those other Instagram dogs.  We started to shop around for dog clothing, but to our dismay we soon realized that it was expensive, and there weren’t a lot of options.  Completely unsatisfied with the selection and prices available to us, we started to search abroad for manufacturers that made quality clothes at a reasonable price. Luckily, we were able to find factories all over the world, in many different countries, who offered just that.  Before we knew it, our dog became one of the most fashionable dogs in Los Angeles, and he wore it proudly.  You could just see the confidence oozing out of our pup as he strolled down the streets in his trendy new attire.

It wasn’t too long before people everywhere started asking us where we were getting our fabulous dog clothes.  We found out that many people were having the exact same problem as us – limited variety and insane prices.  One day we had an idea: What if we could be the bridge that helps customers make their dog look fashionable without breaking the bank?  On this day, we started Trendy Pup and began our mission to make dogs everywhere look and feel great.

Two things were important to us when sourcing factories to help create our products – quality and pricing.  If we could not offer high-quality products at a reasonable price, there was absolutely no reason for us to ever open the store.  We were unwilling to compromise on either aspect, which lead us to rejecting many factories that wanted to work with us.  Even for a product as simple as our plain hoodie, we worked with eight different factories before finding one that could offer excellent quality at a fair price.  That’s the difference you get when shopping with Trendy Pup.

Many dog clothing retailers will offer a massive amount of products, anything and everything they can get their hands on just to have as many products in stock as possible, without much regard for quality.  Our items have been hand-picked through a rigorous selection process, and if they do not meet our standards, they will never be offered for sale.  We truly care about the products we are selling and the dogs who will be wearing them.

Besides just opening a store, we wanted our mission to have a greater purpose.  We are constantly saddened by the news from animal shelters all over the country that they are full and running out of space & resources to take care of pets who haven’t been adopted.  Every dog & cat deserves a chance at a great life and no pet should ever be euthanized because an animal shelter is running out of space – that is cruel and unacceptable.

Trendy Pup from time to time will sponsor animals at shelters who are in need.  If you know of an animal that needs our help, please reach out to our support team and share that information with us  If you are looking to add a new furry friend to your home, we ask that you check your local shelters for dogs & cats that are available for adoption.  There are so many wonderful pets who need a home and have just fallen on bad luck.  Let’s see if we can work towards reducing the number of animals who have to cross the rainbow bridge before it is their time to do so.  Every life saved is precious, and our combined efforts will make a difference.

Core Values